Jenny Lemons

Fake Cake Craft Kit


Create an adorable 🎂 masterpiece in no time with this amazing Fake Cake Craft Kit! In collaboration with the talented Julie Nguyen of Fake Cakery, the kit includes all the supplies you need to decorate your cake from 💁‍♀️ start to delicious 🍒finish. A perfect introduction to cake decorating, it's great for 🤩beginners and pros alike! Go ahead, make your masterpiece- then put it on full ❤️ display as home decor, a prop for a photoshoot, or the ideal gift! 🎁

* 4x4x2 inch foam cake base
* 4 oz Spackling
* Wooden spatula
* Acrylic paint
* Star piping tip
* Two piping bags
* Fake cherries
* Piping guide
* Detailed instructions

NOTHING IN THIS KIT IS MEANT FOR CONSUMPTION! Do not use the kit's contents to make any food for consumption. Spackling is not safe to eat; please discard any tools that have touched the spackling after use.

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