Microcosm Publishing & Distribution

How to Think More Positively Zine

Zine / pamphlet. Published by Microcosm! In this concise and uplifting zine, author Nicole Gulatz offers the reader strategies, inspiring quotes, and cute illustrations to help us avoid the giant doom spiral that sucks us all in from time to time. Starting with remembering and writing down the things that make you happy, Gulatz encourages the reader to focus on seven key strategies that can help remind you of all the things that are going right in the world, even amidst all the things that might be going wrong. Using the power of Hope, Gratitude, Perspective, Focus, Empathy, Choice, and Imagination, you can avoid the pitfalls and negative energy associated with the grind of day-to-day life, and stay thinking positively. A vital reminder that we all need every now and then.