Happy Tears

The Connect Deck: Pride Edition


Celebrate youršŸŒˆPridešŸŒˆwith The Connect Deck: Pride Edition! Featuring queerful šŸ’¬question prompts created by queer people and their allies, this limited edition deck is here to drive meaningful conversations and reduce stigma within the vibrant queer community. Let's take a šŸš€leapšŸš€ towards visibility and equality!

With eachĀ 'Pride Edition' Connect Deck,Ā you will receive:
* 100xĀ rainbow cards withĀ LGBT+ inspired questions
* 1xĀ cotton drawstring pouch

* 100%Ā Made in Montreal, Canada
* 5% of proceeds will be donated to Rainbow RailroadĀ via our 'Give 5, High 5!' program.