Tic Tac Sprite


Experience the revitalizing taste of the Tic Tac Sprite Mints. This limited edition Tic Tac Candy is infused with the tangy taste of the famous Sprite Soda.

Coming in the genius little dispenser, each Tic Tac, although so very tiny, packs a huge hit of that undeniable Sprite flavour.
We couldn't wait to try this new candy. As lifelong fans of the almighty Tic Tac, this was an exciting candy endeavour.
Is Tic Tac really a mint, or is it a candy? As candyologist's we've lost sleep asking ourselves this very question. 
It's plagued us for years. I mean, some are sweet and fruity (hello Orange), and others are straight-up cool-tasting mints.
As we ponder this, we begin to dole out the goods. Honestly, about as many that will fit in the palm of our hands. 
It's a mystery how so much flavour can be contained in such a minuscule candy/mint. 
In any case, these small yellow gems start off with a mildly sweet taste. The intense flavours of lemon and lime come to the surface. We are feeling the Sprite!
The middle is where it gets really tangy, almost like a sweet and sour candy in a lemon flavour. No minty taste, but these eye-catching yellow Tic Tacs are certainly delicious!
It's an astounding yes and an official yes to the Tic Tac Sprite! Mint or candy, freshen up with the Tic Tac Sprite.