Nerds Rope Very Berry Candy


A Very Berry Nerds Rope

Inspired by Willy Wonka

This fascinating, fantastically delicious candy is like two treats in one! The Nerds Rope Very Berry will fulfil any candy cravings you have. They are chewy and crunchy and all-around marvellous tasting.
Your lips will start off with a desirable middle of a gummy candy rope that is completely surrounded by colourful and tangy-tasting Nerds Candy!
Filled with the incredible taste of Wonka's favourite flavour, Very Berry!
This lovely and long Nerds Rope comes in at 12 inches long, it's bendable and stretchy and of course sweetly satisfying!
Rope your taste buds in for a "berry" Wonka-ish candy experience with the Nerds Rope Very Berry!

Rope Length: 12 Inches
1 pc - .92 oz.