Blooming Acrylic Earring DIY Kit


Put your flower-power to work with our Blooming Acrylic Earring DIY Kit. With a variety of 🌾-shaped materials and 🌈 colours, you'll have enough to make 6-8 earrings. We'll give you some 💡 ideas for designs, but you can go wild and create your own funky 🎹! Get your đŸ€Ș on and make some earrings that are totally đŸ”„.

This kit includes:

- Laser-cut Acrylic Pieces 65+
- Earring Findings (enough for making 7-8 pairs)
- Little figurines + Beads + Sequins
- Earring cards*3
- Instructions
- Plier
- Hand Drill + Drill Bits*3
- Jumpring opener
- Superglue/E6000 + finger Cots
$60.00 $85.00vous Ă©conomisez $25.00