Microcosm Publishing & Distribution

Fat is Beautiful Zine

Zine / pamphlet. Published by Microcosm! A collection of thoughts, articles, and reprints about America's fat-phobic, sizism, and pointing us toward fat acceptance. This is a beautiful jumping off point for those interested in the subject - articles from Marilyn Wann about embracing yourself and reclaiming the word fat, personal health, some thoughts about the learning (and unlearning) processes of fat acceptance, numerous surprising facts, historical quotes about fatness, as well as an excerpt from Nomy Lamm's "Big Fat Revolution", and information about fat women being more likely to enjoy sex even! A fat liberation manifesto! Statistics of fat women based on their class background! There is a true wealth of information on the subject and Crystal promises there is even more on the way! Let us unlearn our media-induced responses to fatness! Uplifting and empowering.